Monthly love horoscope

September 2017


An annoying person might start to grow on you, or you’ll fall for a plodder or lower your expectations a few notches hot on the heels of swearing you never would. You’ll give it everything you’ve got and probably charm them rotten if you’re out to impress. Oh, and be kind to yourself. Please.


Thunder, lightning, the way you love me is frightening! The sun in your fun zone is absolute dynamite, sending you off on a thrill seeking mission that’d scare the pants off others. Maybe it’s time you stopped playing the parental role if your partner’s just a big kid that never takes any responsibility for anything. Single? You’re attracted to oddballs. In a good way.


Is what you need the same as what you’re telling yourself you think you deserve? No? Then why not raise the bar? Demand more? Subtle changes in your domestic set up mean that you’ll be the one pulling strings or left holding the baby. You can both wrap people around your little finger and up in cotton wool because you’re a curious mix of canny and overprotective.


The sun’s energy engages your brain and your mouth at roughly the same time, turning you into more of a controversial figure. You might actually grow to like this shiny new tag. Single? Networking, new friends, chatting with neighbours you’d normally dart into doorways to avoid, the Internet – all super-duper ways to meet your future lover!


Now’s the time to work out what you want for you, not your neighbour’s second cousin twice removed, you. Being a people pleaser only leads to your own needs being trampled on. You might also need a bigger glass of water to swallow your pride, but you can do it. In other news, you transform best from the inside out, if it’s time to move on.


The sun’s gonna need more than just his hat because his arrival in your sign signals the first rumblings of Autumn. You’re giving out so much energy, and you might even go in for a kind of image change? Watch for papering over the cracks with 20 pound notes – i.e. spending your way out of problems instead of facing the truth. Here endeth the first lesson.


Gimme some space! Time to yourself is essential. You won’t lose your people-person crown, but it will give you the opportunity to regroup and to really think about the direction in which your love life is heading, or help fish it out of the plughole if things have taken a turn for the worse. A secret meeting is likely, or you’ll be told something that only a few people know.


There comes a time in every long-standing friendship when admitting that all you have left in common is the past feels like the most honest thing to do. It is possible to create new shared interests though. You’re also more likely to make a decision and commit to it despite it not being the most popular choice in your partner/family’s eyes. Joining a group is lucky, lucky, lucky.


The sun atop your chart sets you apart so, yes, you’re going to take a tip from fellow Sagittarian, Old Blue Eyes, and do it your way. But without rocking the boat. Takes some doing that. People sucking up to authority isn’t a good look. You also take a more mature view of someone’s immature behaviour.


Good decisions should outnumber the bad ones. Travel’s an inviting prospect. Long-distance flirtations and love affairs flourish, and you might enjoy a big cultural love affair and decide to bring home a little of what you immersed yourself in. Single? You’re attracted to the non-wallflower type.


Possessiveness has a habit of creeping up on us from behind, likewise jealousy, and not all of us wear these emotions particularly well. You’ve a will of pure steel, no bad thing, but stubbornness might also elbow any goodwill that’s left right out of the picture. Applying for a joint mortgage, sorting out insurance policies etc. is all fine by the stars.


The sun in your relationship house and a full moon in your sign will sparkle up your love life if it’s been about as exciting as a gas bill. Even if you’ve been together for ages. Plus you can save on your gas bill by getting out more and being sociable instead of living on social media and watching everybody else have all the fun.